How to Rank Higher on Google in 2022?

We can see all the big websites are dominating on Google, however, smaller sites are struggling to jump up, because they don’t have enough budget to invest in the backlinks and hire SEO experts, so how can they rank up their smaller websites on Google in 2022 with fewer backlinks? Does Google allow them to rank up without it? These are the questions in your mind, so I will explain to you how you can do this?

Google’s diversity updated in June 2019 when they were given more opportunities for different types of sites to rank up by limiting the number of times the same domain in SERP, the same domain cannot appear more than two times in a single SERP, that given the small site to an edge to jump up, so what we need to do to achieve this?

Find Exact Domain Name:

It is a very important step to find a domain name with the exact name of your niche or product to rank up on SERPs, there is lots of research proving that exact domain names rank up faster rather than miss-spelled ones. So getting a domain that matches your service or product is the best way to get some organic traffic and rank up the SERPs. If your website has little traffic, this trick can do the rest and rank up in the SERPs. With this trick, a smaller website with very fewer backlinks can rank up in very less time. If you can’t find the domain with the exact name, try to get some miss-spelled ones, it will also do the trick.

Index your Website on Bing:

Did you know is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google? More than 1 billion users coming from Bing. So it is also important for smaller websites to setup Bing webmaster tools to index their website on SERPs.

The Bing Webmaster tool allows websites to add their website into the Bing and crawler, In other words, the Bing webmaster tool is the same way you use Google Search Console. The statistics say that 9.5% of visitors come from Bing, this percentage is not very impressive, however, if you convert it into visitors, that will be 1.5 billion, which is very big.

This service is free of cost by Microsoft, so register your site on bing and get some organic traffic from it.

Use Long-Tail Keywords:

Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more specific to the product and usually longer than the common keywords. Long-tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value. Most of the big companies don’t focus on it, in fact, they don’t care about it, so the smaller website can get the advantages from it and use the more specific long-tail keywords to bring some high-quality traffic to their website.

Use LSI Keywords:

LSI keywords are also an important factor in getting some organic visitors, the big companies are ignoring this fact, LSI keywords are the synonyms of your main keywords, they hint google to understand what your content is all about.

You must use the LSI keywords in your content to help Google and the visitors to get a better idea about your content, with this trick, you can get a better rank on SERPs.

Customer Support:

Most of the big companies don’t care about their customers, not all but some of them do, so the next step you need to do is make your customer reach you easily, for that you need to setup live chat on your website, always available on Instagram, Facebook, to answer them on call, I mean to say available on every social media platform to facilitate them, it will build the trust and force your audience to visit your website.

Add Sharing Button in Your Website:

Adding a sharing option is a very effective method to catch some traffic from social media, like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter etc. all the big companies are not focusing on it, so you can get some edge from it to rank your site on SERPs. You just need to add the social media sharing option so the reader can share your post and allow some traffic from it,

High-Quality Content:

Since you have a small site so you need to focus on your specialty and niche, if you are a blogger, I would suggest doing some research and adding value to the topic which is already available on websites, your content must be unique and better than others, it will help visitors to stay on your website, which will give the idea to google that there are some in your content and website, so rank will begin to up.

Make Your Site Optimized and Mobile Friendly:

The next step is to make your site mobile-friendly. Google has mobile-first indexing and over 45% of searches are coming from mobile devices, so your site must be optimized for the mobiles in order to get your rank up, it is a must-have step to compete with others. So make sure your website should be responsive, optimized, and user friendly if you want to identify the errors on your website go to SEOFinder and analyzed the errors you can also use the Site vs Site feature to compare your website with your competitor.

Add Sitemap.xml:

It is necessary to add Sitemap to your website and then add the same into the Google Search Console, you need to add all your pages in the sitempa.xml and update once required. It will help Google search engine crawlers to find all your pages and index them accordingly, and the same will appear in Google SERPs and allows Google to rank them up as well. You can use the free Sitemap Generator tools to generate files for your website.


If you want to rank up your small sites, you need to mark all the above checkboxes, if you need any help, you can use our free SEO tools services from ToolsBlogs, all the tools are free of charge and help you to write better content and higher up you rank on SERPs

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